How Sneaker Sales Could Become A Billion Dollar Business For The Edit LDN

How Sneaker Sales Could Become A Billion Dollar Business For The Edit LDN

Rashid describes the development of the business as “laser focused on offering a premium service and achieving this very fast for anyone buying limited edition sneakers globally.” Due to this, the company’s revenues are expected to increase by more than 500% annually to $12 million in 2022.

Limited-edition sneakers and other streetwear from high-end fashion brands like Yeezy, Jordan, Louis Vuitton, and Dior are what The Edit LDN specialises in procuring and selling. The company’s clientele includes a number of celebrities as well as other wealthy clients who are eager to be fashion leaders and trend setters. Some consumers purchase the products because they wish to wear them. Others purchase with the intention of reselling them for a profit; the resale value of in-demand sneakers can rise dramatically.

When Rashid first had the idea three years ago, he wanted to connect this client base with the manufacturers of the products, who had previously only offered their wares through “drop day” sales that required special invitations. Before The Edit LDN, customers frequently lost out on the items they wanted to purchase, leaving them with no choice except to pay exorbitant rates on auction websites like eBay.


After demonstrating the model online, The Edit LDN is steadily growing its physical presence as well. Sales were so far over projections when it established a concession area in Harrods in 2021 that the retailer promptly urged it to expand. At November of last year, a concession in Galerie Lafayette opened in Doha. Next month, The Edit LDN will also open in Harvey Nichols in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Launches in the US, possibly in New York, Los Angeles, or Las Vegas, are also in the works.

Another recent development for the company is the start of a same-day delivery service in London, where it is based. According to Rashid, “This is a market where people were buying sneakers and then having to wait weeks for them to arrive.” “Now, if you live inside the M25 [the highway ring road that surrounds London], they may be there in three to four hours,” the speaker said.

The business also prioritises sustainability. As part of its dedication to the circular economy, it opened a pre-loved marketplace in November where it sells used goods. It has also invested in recycling technology that allows it to recycle 80% of the garbage produced. The business has made a promise to eliminate a kilogramme of waste for every customer purchase, and its external focus is on cleaning up plastic pollution in the oceans.Moses Rashid thinks his shoe company can be valued at $1 billion.


Rashid believes there is a lot of room for the company to grow in the future. One example of how the business plans to grow is a new two-year international collaboration with the Chicago Bulls, the biggest sports franchise in the world. Growth can be fueled by sales to athletes, celebrity endorsements, and joint marketing efforts.

But Rashid also sees a rise in demand for high-end goods in a market that has historically been less susceptible to downturns in the economy. “More consumers view purchases as an investment asset class, and the limited edition sneaker market has reached the crossroads between a fashion or cultural trend and a commodity,” he claims. Customers are building collections and making up to five purchases every month, with an average transaction value of $430.

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The Edit LDN’s seed round will aid the company in developing in each of these areas, with the funds set aside for spending on marketing, technology, and hiring. Over the upcoming year, Rashid expects to treble revenues once more.

Regah Ventures, an early investor in companies including Uber, Coinbase, and Instacart, along with a number of angel investors with connections to the financial services industry, led the seed round. A number of prominent athletes have also invested, including Jesse Lingard of the Premier League football team and Xavier McKinney, the captain of the New York Giants.

Regah Ventures CEO Mark Hager thinks Rashid’s goal of creating a billion-dollar company is completely doable. In order to create the most inventive and disruptive worldwide marketplace for limited shoes, streetwear, and collectibles, he explains, “We are supporting The Edit LDN.” It is a tremendously interesting business because of its distinctive market positioning, celebrity endorsements, and the strong brand they have quickly developed.

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