Official Opening of Axon Digital Marketing Office

Official Opening of Axon Digital Marketing Office

Accesswire, Tuesday, February 15, 2023, NEWPORT BEACH, CA Today marks the official opening of Axon Digital Marketing (Axon). In addition to their other digital marketing services, Axon specialises in assisting companies in expanding their presence on social media. You can count on the team of experts they employ to help you and your company reach your marketing objectives. Axon is able to promote growth and activity across the most popular social media brands by using cutting-edge analytics and digital strategies.
Axon can assist you with the nuts and bolts of launching your social media presence in addition to developing a comprehensive plan. In need of Instagram verification? They can show you the ropes on how to get your profile certified. Gaining more organic followers and establishing a solid content strategy are both possible with the help of Axon’s tried and true methods.

Jake Bourne, CEO and Founder of Axon Digital Marketing, explains why he founded the company, “As a young entrepreneur, I have faced many obstacles along the way, but I have drawn strength from the naysayers who told me I would never succeed. Managing a number of social media accounts that promoted my wares and included links to my e-commerce websites was my first foray into the business world. My confidence in being able to run my own digital agency was bolstered after one of my videos went viral and received 2.5 million views.

I gave up baseball to pursue a career in business, and it has paid off handsomely. Axon Digital Marketing was founded so that I could assist others in expanding their own businesses and identities.”

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In many ways, the history of the agency is inextricably linked to that of its founder, the Newport Beach, California serial entrepreneur Jake Bourne. He’s made several five-figure brands as a consultant in marketing. Jake also has experience in affiliate marketing, where he was instrumental in the expansion, popularity, and user involvement of several startup brands. He realised the potential in his knowledge and experience and thus launched his own comprehensive digital marketing firm. The Axon team, led by him, works hard to give their customers everything they need to become market leaders. They are eager to show you the results of their previous campaigns.

Axon knows that gaining a large number of followers is crucial if you want to promote a product, message, or service on social media. Then, with their guidance, you can formulate a plan to provide your followers with the most relevant material. Get in touch with them right away to talk to a member of their knowledgeable staff over the phone for free.

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