The Boeing 787 Dreamliner features Lufthansa’s newest and most luxurious business class ever

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner features Lufthansa's newest and most luxurious business class ever

Historically, Lufthansa’s business-class service hasn’t exactly been top-notch.

The German national airline has been flying an antiquated business cabin with a 2-2-2 seat configuration for many years across nearly all of its long-haul fleet.

Direct aisle access is a must in business class on the transatlantic route, but Lufthansa’s seat fails to deliver from the moment you board.

Those times, thankfully, will soon be behind us.

Despite numerous setbacks, Lufthansa’s new business-class offering is finally set to launch in the coming weeks. Drawings make these new seats look like a huge improvement over the old ones, so I can’t wait to try them out for myself.

Lufthansa has added the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to its fleet while we wait for the debut of the Allegris cabin. There are a total of 32 Dreamliners on order, but the first five 787s the airline is receiving aren’t brand new.

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Instead, Lufthansa has acquired five “white tails” of the 787 that were originally constructed for Hainan Airlines and Vistara. This meant that the delivery dates (and possibly the prices) for these cutting-edge, fuel-efficient jets could be moved up, making them more desirable than ever in light of the recent backlog in aircraft orders.

In addition, this limited Lufthansa’s flexibility in setting them up. Hainan designed the aircraft cabins used in the construction of the jets. It would have taken millions of dollars and weeks or months to remove those seats and replace them with something else.

When possible, I steer clear of Lufthansa’s business class on transatlantic flights. If a first-class seat is not available using miles on Lufthansa, I will often book with one of the other Star Alliance partners or splurge and fly business class.

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